Who we are

We are a group of witty, handy and creative people from Latvia who have joined together around a dream and an urge. We are a bunch of dreamers who are not afraid to explore our visions and see the creations that materialize from our dreams. Mainly we work with knitting, croché, decoupage, floristry, casting of candles, sewing teddies and cuddly toys, embroidering and even creating one of a kind puppets.

Our dream is to preserve and promote the handicraft traditions of our own Latvian heritage and those of other origins. Our urge is to enjoy every minute of the way to reaching our goal by putting our handiness in use in the creation of things.

What we do

To fulfill our vision we arrange various creative workshops for children and adults as well as form exhibitions. Our sheer joy lies within helping people discover and learn the handicraft traditions of other countries as well as their own.
Spreading and promoting Latvian handicraft traditions in foreign countries is one of our main goals along with finding new, unexplored, creative solutions for the use of different types of recycled material.

You are welcome to join us on our journey – show your will for skill!